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Fri, 05 Apr


Meet-Point: Hannafore Kiosk

You Are Here | Looe

As dusk falls over Hannafore Beach, a twilight encounter awaits you at the water's edge...

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You Are Here | Looe
You Are Here | Looe

When? Where to?

05 Apr 2024, 20:15

Meet-Point: Hannafore Kiosk, Marine Drive, Looe, PL13 2DJ

The details...


Just going about the place, doing their thing.

But where have they come from? 

Where are they going? 

Sometimes it's amazing just to watch them.

But what if you could take a journey into their heads? 

Shine a spotlight on their hearts?

Eavesdrop on their dreams?

As the sun fades across the Island, come gather at the edge of the land and sea for a peek behind the curtain. Draw closer to a landscape stage and witness a few moments with a cast of characters from Looe and beyond.

Brought to you by SproutSpoken, You Are Here is an immersive outdoor experience, weaving people and place with words and space.

Featuring writers and performers from Looe and surrounding area, together with a wider creative team from further afield in Cornwall, this one-off live event on Hannafore Beach is not to be missed.

Following on from the first You Are Here which took place in Newquay in 2022, this event in Looe is part of a rescheduled duchy-wide project for 2024 - with events also taking place in Par, Bude and Penzance. 

Our work is kindly supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and with the additional generous support of FEAST. We are also grateful to the late Cllr. Edwina Hannaford who has kindly supported You Are Here in Looe via the Cornwall Community Chest. The show is dedicated to her memory - as a celebration and showcase of the town she loved so well.


You Are Here takes place outdoors in a space exposed to the elements with uneven footing in places, so please plan to dress accordingly. We recommend sturdy footwear. Lasting around an hour, there is no seating available and you will be required to stand as well as walk around. Please note that there are no toilets. The experience is not practicable for users of standard wheelchairs. It may be possible for us to facilitate the use of an all-terrain wheelchair (at no cost to yourself) - however it is essential that you contact first so that we can arrange this in advance.


Please arrive by 8pm.

Hannafore Kiosk, Hannafore Beach

There is plenty of parking along Marine Drive.

Age Guide: 14+

Free 'tickets' with additional option to Help Make the Magic Happen! 


Buying 'tickets' and our approach to a broad definition of 'access'...

We've developed this event with the public realm in mind. As we see it, both those attending and taking part will, for a short while, simply inhabit a space that day-to-day is freely available to the public. And on the night of You Are Here, this will be no different. The place chosen has informed the creative process from the outset and will undoubtedly play a ‘main role’ in conjuring magic on the night. We hope it might invite you to consider it differently as a result. 

With this in mind, it did not feel right to have any barriers or gated entry or to 'sell tickets' for the event. As a piece of work about the local area, made with members of the local community and taking place in outdoor space freely available, we didn't want there to be a transactional exchange in order to access the experience. 

This approach also means that You Are Here is potentially extra-accessible for those in the locality who (1) might be passing/turn up on the night; (2) who might not be able to afford to come or want to risk limited resources on something like this; (3) who might not make up a typical audience for an event of this kind. 

However, we are still asking you to 'book tickets’. We're doing this so that we can keep you updated about the event and to help us learn more about who the You Are Here audience is. A ticket won't be a condition of entry but we would love the chance to 'check you in' at the event - just so we can keep track of our audience numbers and who came etc.

There is of course a cost to making work like this. When you 'checkout' you will notice that we have included an option for you to make a contribution towards making the magic happen. If you have neither the means nor the inclination - please disregard this. We certainly won't be judging... or indeed checking! However, if you wish to we would welcome your generosity - particularly if you consider yourself someone who supports the arts in Cornwall, or (someone who might still be reading at this point!) and can hear the heart behind our thinking. Whilst it might sound odd for us to be pedantic about the semantics around ticketing/access - we have felt it important to separate things out... a stake in the ground establishing our ethos and mission. 

Free outdoor arts in the public realm are often funded civically and sometimes in conjunction with commercial sponsors. Whilst we have received public third sector funding from Arts Council England and FEAST - we would usually be expected to ticket our events, sales of which would make up a percentage of the project’s budget. However, in line with what we've tried to express above ie. an emerging commitment to a long-term vision of other similar projects that animate the public realm - if you’re happy to run with our rationale of 'free access to You Are Here at Looe' but also want to show your support by donating towards production costs incurred (thereby helping us balance the budget) please do!

Please find free 'tickets' below - with additional option to Help Make the Magic Happen!


  • Free "Ticket" - One Per Person

    We say 'ticket' but for a host of reasons, we don't like to think of the You Are Here project transactionally or in entry/exit terms. See this 'ticket' as your way of reminding yourself of the details, and our way of making sure we can keep you updated! If you're curious about our rationale - do have a read of the blurb at the end of the event listing above, which also includes an explanation of why we're giving you an additional option to make a contribution towards making the magic happen.

    Sale ended
  • Help Make the Magic Happen...

    You will have already selected your free 'ticket(s)' above. This option is an opportunity to make a contribution towards the costs incurred to run this project. We would be hugely grateful for any financial support, but if you have neither the means nor inclination - please freely disregard this. If you'd like to know more about why we're making 'tickets' free - but asking you to consider a contribution, do have a read of the paragraphs at the end of the event listing above.

    Pay what you want
    Sale ended



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